7. Kylie Minogue – ‘Confide In Me’ (1994)

“We all get hurt by love
And we all have our cross to bear
But in the name of understanding, now
Our problems should be shared
Confide in me”

Written by Steve Anderson/Dave Seaman/Owain Barton

Produced by Brothers In Rhythm

Taken from the album Kylie Minogue

Also released on Intimate And Live, Hits+, Confide In Me, Greatest Hits 87-97, Greatest Hits 1987-1999, Artist Collection, Ultimate Kylie, Showgirl: Homecoming Live, Confide In Me: The Irresistible Kylie and Live In New York

AUS #1, UK #2

The first seconds of ‘Confide In Me’ announce that this is like no other Kylie Minogue song, before or since. It’s extremely important to recall where Kylie was before this song, her reputation and style. She had certainly become sexually liberated over the last few years, but was nowhere near her goal of being taken seriously as an artist and as a performer. As the atmosphere unfolds and the orchestral strings kick in, it becomes apparent that all that was to change. ‘Confide In Me’ presented a new Kylie Minogue, no longer a singing budgie but a slinky, vampish goddess, able to fulfil your wildest desires and yet just out of reach. The classic music video for this track tell viewers to “touch the screen” – but that’s as far as this intimacy will go.

It also presented a stronger voice than we’d heard before, able to hold notes previously unheard on a Kylie record and able to take us places the old Kylie never could. There was a greater understanding of human behaviour here, and this song was not about the singer pining away for a lost love, hiding her sorrow by crying alone in a bubble bath. ‘Confide In Me’ is about moving on and growing up, sharing your fears and dreams and being open with one another. Yes, the song and delivery is unbelievably sexy, but it’s also mature and classy.

As that voice rises and the strings become more and more intense, you feel as though you could drown in ‘Confide In Me’. Who could resist her asking “should I offer some assistance?” or a video which plays on every vulnerability known to man? As six seperate Kylies dance around seductively in different outfits, text flashes on screen taken straight from a late-night advertisement: solo? Abused? Need a friend? 1-555-CONFIDE. The audio and imagery are the ultimate statement of artist emancipation, adult sexuality, and invites you closer to the brave new Kylie Minogue than you’ve ever been before. Touch the screen.

Music video:

One Response to “7. Kylie Minogue – ‘Confide In Me’ (1994)”

  1. F. Elcher Says:

    Nice work. My 2nd fav Kylie track ever, behind Put Yourself in my Place…… from her best album IMO

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