13. Lior – ‘This Old Love’ (2004)

“Yes, yeah, we’re moving on, looking for direction
Mmm, we’ve covered much ground
Thinking back to innocence, I can no longer connect
I don’t have a heart left to throw around

Oh, and time moves on like a train
That disappears into the night sky
Yeah, I still get a sad feeling inside
To see the red tail lights wave goodbye

But we’ll grow old together
We’ll grow old together
And this love will never
This old love will never die”

Written by Lior

Produced by Francois Tetaz

Taken from the album Autumn Flow

Also released on Doorways Of My Mind – Live At The NSC

Australians will probably have heard this song either on the radio or in TV shows, but for international readers, Lior is an Israeli-born singer-songwriter who came to prominence in 2004 with this song, and the subsequent independent album Autumn Flow, which went on to much acclaim and success. I was unaware of Lior until I got the 2004 Triple J Hottest 100 compilation, and was absolutely floored by the raw emotion to be found in ‘This Old Love’.

The lyrics are pure poetry, perfecting evoking a time and place and atmosphere. ‘This Old Love’ sounds classically Australian to me – subdued, without fanfare, yet grand and knowingly proud of it’s own achievements. Lior is well aware of how good this song is, but never lets that get in the way of the original purpose – to represent the emotion of loss, longing and the age-old tale of a love that lasts through decades and generations. Like the suburban-themed works of Australian author Christos Tsiolkas, this is a story of normal people having normal feelings, achingly trapped within their all-too-common lifestyles. The achievement is making that entrapment sound so beautiful.

The rest of Autumn Flow is nice, and it’s a great debut, but ‘This Old Love’ is such a behemoth – it completely represents his style and none of the other songs can live up to it. Like another Australian artist with a lot of potential, Sam Sparro, Lior opened with what is likely to be his best ever song. As with Sam, this may be detrimental on his future career, but artistically he should be extremely proud of himself. There are thousands upon thousands of men with guitars out there attempting to write something with even a quarter of the strength of ‘This Old Love’.


One Response to “13. Lior – ‘This Old Love’ (2004)”

  1. Melanie Wratten Says:

    thank you for giving me this album in year 12.
    perfect sunday morning drive material.
    your musical genius never ceases to amaze me.

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