12. Darren Hayes – ‘Darkness’ (2004)

“Turning pages over, run away to nowhere
And it’s hard to take control
When your enemy’s old and afraid of you
You discover that the monster you were running from
Is the monster in you

Better to hold on to love
Better to hold on to love
Change will come”

Written by Darren Hayes/Robert Conley

Produced by Robert Conley

Taken from the album The Tension And The Spark

AUS #40

‘Darkness’ is the kind of song that comes from such a personal place, it’s brave to even put it out there, let alone make it the first track on an album. Such a bold statement after the comparatively polite Spin, this was Darren saying a bittersweet goodbye to all of his legacy up until this point. This is where his career entered it’s second, current phase, in which he became a stronger, more confident, more adventurous artist. The song is upfront with the bleak subject matter but ultimately has a hopeful outlook, giving it more personality and backbone than your average sorrowful ballad.

“Ever wonder why I never really truly connect
Although my eyes are open
I can hold your gaze but I’m never connected, never connected

I am famous for my generosity, they say I am the kindest
It is easier to give than receive love
Give than receive love”

It’s hard to explain the sheer sadness encompassed here, and how much it means to me. I’ll be the first to say I’ve had a pretty sweet life but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been hard times over the years, and a song that spoke to me like ‘Darkness’ did, yet held a positive message at the end, was so important. There are so many lines here that I can agree with and apply to my own life – and it isn’t simply the “covered in darkness” bit, it isn’t just emo bullshit, it’s the reality of the situation and of this song. The huge difference is that this is, at it’s very core, an uplifting song, a song of hope and faith and, most importantly, light.

“Better to hold on to love
Change will come”

Never put all your eggs in one basket. Never waste your love when it can be distributed among people who love you back. Change will come. Always remember, when things look bleak and there seems to be nothing on the horizon, that change will come. The future holds a lion’s heart. I truly believe in the power of music to change lives, and that is the most important lesson we can learn from a song as meaningful as this one.

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One Response to “12. Darren Hayes – ‘Darkness’ (2004)”

  1. Mihkel Says:

    Great write-up! I hope Dublin Sky is yet to come

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