26. Madonna – ‘Music’ (2000)

“Music makes the people come together”

Written by Madonna/Mirwais Ahmadzai

Produced by Madonna/Mirwais Ahmadzai

Taken from the album Music

Also released on GHV2, I’m Going To Tell You A Secret, The Confessions Tour, Celebration and Sticky & Sweet Tour

US #1, UK #1, AUS #1

‘Music’ was the moment when I knew that Madonna was it. I knew I would be obsessed with this woman from then on. I was ten years old when ‘Music’ came out, and the CD single is probably the most battered in my whole collection. I just played it to death. Out of all the songs in this list I’d estimate I’ve heard ‘Music’ the most. It feels fitting to have it be one of the most important parts of my music-listening life – after all, it feels like the definitive pop statement. It’s an amazing pop song about amazing pop songs, bringing the meta-referencing and irony and culture at the heart of pop music together and making it eat itself. It is the highest song on this list to have reached number one in all three countries we’ve been keeping track of, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Madonna makes so much of herself as an activist, and uses her music to comment on everything from war to religion to sexuality to poverty, that it is sometimes easy to forget that she makes, primarily, fun radio hits. As great as it is that she uses her platform to stand up for what’s right, on ‘Music’ she comments on something else entirely: pop songs. In between the spiritual introspection of Ray Of Light and the frantic, scattered politics of American Life, ‘Music’ stood out because it wasn’t about anything except having a good time. She has spent years and years dissecting what tears us apart, on personal and global scales, yet here she gives the purest example of what brings us together. Music makes the people come together. Yeah.

All of this would be useless if the song commenting on great songs wasn’t one itself. And boy is this ever a great song. The beats are infectious, they seem to get more and more amazing every time the track plays. The chorus is just timeless. Instead of wearing out over time, ‘Music’ actually gets better with age, much like Madonna herself. Sure there are times when I don’t want to play the song on repeat – much like Madonna has slow points in her career – but it’s comforting to know that it’s always there for me if I need it. For all the profound lyrics and revolutionary production we’ve seen in this list so far, only one song has been asking the really important question: do you like to boogie woogie? And if the answer is yes, would you be interested in my acid rock?

Music video:

One Response to “26. Madonna – ‘Music’ (2000)”

  1. Rabbitbunny Says:

    You Betcha, my Lady! Madonna, I LOVE YOUR ACID HEARTLAND ROCK! Music is one of her truly signature songs because I Agree with Her that Her music never goes away. It touches everything she is inand we are as well and like Her Ladyship Ciccone-we’ve got to hear it every day of our lives. Music became a #1 hit for a reason-the anthem sums up and
    is about Madonna’s life. Madonna-Thank you for your brilliant art songs that have turned my life into your Music. At the end of the day you still do your job well and I am so proud of you. Because of Music, you have a beautiful Kabbalah Heart. One thing can’t be denied-Music makes the people come together because you are brilliant and a great Rocker. Cheers, Madge!

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