25. Darren Hayes – ‘Who Would Have Thought?’ (2007)

“Who would have thought, that a love so belated
Could save me and bring me back to you?”

Written by Darren Hayes/Guy Chambers

Produced by Justin Shave

Taken from the album This Delicate Thing We’ve Made

The opening track on Darren Hayes’ 2004 album The Tension And The Spark was a song called ‘Darkness’. That song was very important to me, but through all darkness comes light, and that light is represented here in ‘Who Would Have Thought?’, which I see as a sequel, a continuation. Between the two albums, Darren came out of the closet, got married, left his record label, basically had a complete personal and professional rebirth. ‘Who Would Have Thought?’ is the emotional, rapturous result of this change.

For about 18 months while I was in high school I worked at a horrible discount store, where we had lots of bulk overseas CDs, usually albums that had sold less than expected. That was how I got The Tension And The Spark, after being a Savage Garden fan and loving ‘Insatiable’ and ‘Pop!ular’. I don’t quite know what I was expecting but it wasn’t what I heard, and from then on Darren Hayes solo became one of my favourite artists. My anticipation for This Delicate Thing We’ve Made was ridiculous, and ‘Who Would Have Thought?’ was released as a teaser track, which sent me over the edge. Putting the best song on the album out for free download is brave choice, but I was certainly thankful.

“I had to find you, had to let you know
That you weren’t alone
That we didn’t make the rules
I had to find you, had to get right back to you
It’s always been you”

The slow-motion production gives the song a cinematic, grand feel, which is only helped along by Darren’s gorgeous, epic vocals, and the amazing animated music video that went with the release, which was later integrated into This Delicate Film We’ve Made. The image of the origami bird flying across the water, only for the reflection to come to life and join him, is one of my favourites from any music video. A complete masterpiece.

Music video:

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