51. Spice Girls – ‘Stop’ (1997)

“And we know that you could go and find some other
Take or leave it ’cause we’ve always got each other”

Written by Paul Wilson/Andy Watkins/Spice Girls

Produced by Absolute

Taken from the album Spiceworld

Also released on Greatest Hits

UK #2, AUS #5, US #16

Now this is the best thing since sliced Ronettes. Or Supremes, more like. Such a perfect tribute to the Motown sound that well, honestly, I like it more than I like any actual Motown girl-group songs. That may have something to do with the fact that I’ve loved ‘Stop’ for such a long time, while I’ve relatively recently discovered Motown, but it also could be because ‘Stop’ is just wonderful.

Even discounting the Official Hand Dance, this song is a pile of fun from beginning to end. It’s just as fun to listen to now as it was when I was eight, what that says about me I don’t know, but I think it says that ‘Stop’ is awesome. I didn’t even notice until right this second that those two lines up there rhyme “other” with “other”. That’s usually something I pick up on but I think I was too enthralled by the art of the chorus. The chorus is of utmost importance and ‘Stop’ has one of those hooks that not only never leaves your brain, it lodges itself in there in a non-invasive way. It just becomes part of you. My brain consists of my memories, my beliefs, some knowledge, and the ‘Stop’ chorus.

The video was lots of fun too. Apart from Madonna’s Celebration DVD, the Spice Girls video collection might just be the best I’ve got (only because a comprehensive single Michael Jackson collection hasn’t been released).  Every video on the Greatest Hits DVD is great, but ‘Stop’ has a special quality to it because it was sort of like a grown-up ‘Wannabe’, even though it was just two years later. It also helps that I have bucketloads of nostalgia attached to it, and that it would be the final video of The Imperial Era to feature all five Spice Girls in the flesh.

Even if you don’t love ‘Stop’ quite as much as I do, every time Melanie C does her “THANK YOU VERY MU-U-UCH” ad-libs, you sing along. Just admit it. We’re all friends here.

Music video:

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