59. Celine Dion – ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’ (1996)

“But you were history with the slamming of the door
And I made myself so strong again somehow
And I never wasted any of my time on you since then”

Written by Jim Steinman

Produced by Jim Steinman/Steven Rinkoff/Roy Bittan

Taken from the album Falling Into You

Also released on All The Way… A Decade Of Song, A New Day: Live In Las Vegas, My Love: Ultimate Essential Collection and Taking Chances World Tour: The Concert

US #2, UK #3, AUS #8

To call ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’ “epic” would be a huge disservice to how fucking massive it is. It is the power ballad to end all power ballads, Celine Dion’s finest moment, the highlight of the boring Falling Into You, the vehicle for Celine’s best video… it’s amazing. Everything about it is simply amazing.

From the slight piano intro, through Celine’s definitive vocal performance, through the endless build-up to the orgasmic “BAYBAY BAYBAY”, ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’ manages to pack about ten songs worth of emotions into eight minutes. Up until this point Celine had lent her voice to some great songs, but none on this scale, and she would never quite match it again. I used to think ‘My Heart Will Go On’ was her best song, but I realised that the song isn’t half as emotional without Titanic to back it up, but ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’ sounds like the theme song from a film that hasn’t been made yet.

Of course the song was influenced by Wuthering Heights – making this the second best song written about that book – but looking at the story from a different perspective than most adaptations do. Jim Steinman has said he was writing about bringing “dead things back to life”, and he succeeds in encompassing that gothic darkness to be found in such a subject. To bring that darkness to life they chose an unlikely vocalist in Celine Dion, but she goes against all expectations and absolutely nails it.

Music video:

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