56. Prince & The Revolution – ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ (1984)

“Dearly beloved”

Written by Prince

Produced by Prince

Taken from the album Purple Rain

Also released on The Hits/The B-Sides, The Very Best Of Prince and Ultimate Prince

US #1, UK #7, AUS #10

The intro verse for ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ is one of the most exciting moment in music history. In the style of a sermon, Prince opens Purple Rain with the manifesto of the Revolution, building on everything he’d been exploring in his music thus far and setting a new direction for his music. Whether any of the lyrics made sense outside of religious metaphors was irrelevant, ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ feels like the start of something truly special.

The most amazing thing about ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ is the guitar playing throughout. I’ve actually seen people stop and stare at the radio while ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ is on, just dumbfounded by that guitar solo towards the end. As if Prince wasn’t a good enough writer, singer, producer and live performer, he had to go and be a severely underrated guitarist, too. Everybody else may as well just go home.

To get the full experience I suggest you watch ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ as the intro to the Purple Rain film, complete with Extreme Eighties moments and lots of dated dancing. There’s also the overblown, overlong, wonderful Special Dance Mix, which prolongs the pleasure. It’s impossible to sit still while this song is on. Impossible. That scream of “TAKE ME AWAY!!” at the end perfectly complements the calm opening: over the course of the song, Prince went nuts.

Opening sequence from Purple Rain:

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