68. Missy Elliott featuring Ciara & Fatman Scoop – ‘Lose Control’ (2005)

“Music make you lose control
Music make you lose control”

Written by Missy Elliott/Ciara/Fatman Scoop

Produced by Missy Elliott

Taken from the album The Cookbook

Also released on Respect M.E.

US #3, UK #7, AUS #7

I always knew somehow, in some way, Fatman Scoop would appear in my top 100 songs of all time. To his credit, he is absolutely amazing on ‘Lose Control’ as in everyone involved, including that bass and that cascading piano-style noise thing. Every second of this is phenomenal. Missy Elliott was making a comeback after the undeserved flop of This Is Not A Test!, Ciara was on top of the world, Fatman Scoop was happy to be there and I was obsessed.

‘Lose Control’ was basically my “jam” from when it was released until… well, now. Wherever I was I would request it and then go mental when it came on. It has some sort of psychological power over me that I must dance when it’s on. Always. Even if I’m sitting down. Or lying down. Or dead. There are other dance songs on the remainder of this list but there are none that are better as a pure “club banger”.

Missy Elliott is as cool as ever, completely unfazed by the fact that she has just created the ultimate club track, Ciara is doing her usual schtick of sweet vocals versus frenetic dancing, and the song would not be the same without Fatman Scoop’s constant screams of “WORK”, “BACK IT UP GIRL”, “LET’S GO” and so on. The video was amazing (it almost beats Ciara and Missy’s own ‘Work’ for eye-popping choreography), the song was, of course, out of this world, and bang, Missy Elliott had her biggest hit since ‘Work It’.

Music video:

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