82. Robyn & Kleerup – ‘With Every Heartbeat’ (2007)

“I don’t look back
Still I’m dying with every step I take”

Written by Robyn/Kleerup

Produced by Kleerup

Taken from the album Robyn

Also released on Kleerup

UK #1, AUS #69

By far the most unlikely UK number one of 2007 was the almighty comeback from a Swedish singer who hadn’t had a British chart hit in a decade, featuring a producer who was basically unknown up until this point. It goes to show that sometimes truly great songs make it big for no reason other than the fact that they’re truly great. ‘With Every Heartbeat’ by Robyn and Kleerup fits that description perfectly.

‘With Every Heartbeat’ is characterised by it’s relentless, constantly spinning beat, punctuated by Robyn’s slight, vulnerable vocals, giving the song a weird, slow-motion feel. “I don’t look back”, she sings, halfway between completely spent and trying desperately to muster up a strong demeanour. All of this is part of the drama within the song, with strings swirling and jumping around in the background.

Eventually the beat drops away for the first appearance of the title: “and. it. hurts. with. every. heart. beat.”, making absolute magic in the process. That line is repeated over and over as the beat comes back and everything goes all swirly again, maximising the theatrics of it all. There is not a moment in Robyn’s comeback that was more exciting and emotional than ‘With Every Heartbeat’, and it was one of the defining musical moments of the last half of the last decade.

Music video:

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