76. Rent Cast – ‘Seasons Of Love’ (2005)

“Measure your life in love”

Written by Jonathan Larson

Produced by Rob Cavallo

Taken from the album Rent: Original Soundtrack

I don’t care how cheesy ‘Seasons Of Love’ is, because Rent is a pretty cheesy musical anyway. It’s what you expect. ‘Seasons Of Love’ is uplifting, life-affirming, joyous and exciting, the perfect opening to the film version of the stage production. With the famous repeated line, “525600 minutes”, the song asks how you should measure a year in a life? They come to the conclusion that you should measure it in the one thing that really matters: love. Aww.

The two main vocalists for this track, Tracie Thoms (from Death Proof!) and Jesse L. Martin (from Law And Order!), do such an amazing job. It’s not just spine-tingling, it’s spine-rattling. Jesse’s note on “DDIIIIIIEEEEDDDD” is one of the most perfect notes in the whole world, while Tracie’s ad-libs over the final choruses are unbelievable. They could be singing anything and it would still be amazing, it’s such a nice coincidence that ‘Seasons Of Love’ is such a great song anyway.

When the film was released in 2005, ‘Seasons Of Love’ was given a set of awesome remixes, and has become the best-known song from Rent. It sums up the heartwarming/tearjerking elements of the film nicely, and is the perfect theme. There is another side of the film, one that we’ll explore soon enough with another track from the musical, but if you want to feel warm and fuzzy inside, this is the song for you.


2 Responses to “76. Rent Cast – ‘Seasons Of Love’ (2005)”

  1. Mr Telephone Man Says:

    My gosh, Traci’s note at 2:58 is just mind-blowing, its notes like those that make you just love music.

    Also, I can’t get enough of your blog, I read it everyday and I can’t wait to see #1

    • multimediac17 Says:

      Isn’t it amazing!? (The note that is)

      Thanks for your support, at the rate I’m going number one could be only a few days away!

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