72. Sugababes – ‘About You Now’ (2007)

“I know everything changes
All the cities and faces
But I know how I feel about you

Can we bring yesterday back around?
‘Cause I know how I feel about you now”

Written by Dr. Luke/Cathy Dennis

Produced by Dr. Luke

Taken from the album Change

Also released on Catfights & Spotlights

UK #1, AUS #57

The amazing David Upton from Victim Of The Time once said to me that he knew people who thought ‘About You Now’ was “the best thing since sliced Ronettes”. And while that statement is hilarious, it is not totally true. There is but one girl-group song left on this list that I think takes that title (there are three left total, all by the same group). But “sliced Ronettes” is a great way to describe this song: it builds on the history of girly pop and brings it into the 21st century, sounding retro and current and dated and fresh all at the same time. It is a modernised, edited, glossy history of the girl-group.

It’s becoming apparent to me that nearly every single song in the top 100 has some sort of sadness to it – I ADMIT IT, I’M A SECRET EMO – and ‘About You Now’ is no exception. Brought out especially in the exceptional acoustic version tacked on to the end of Catfights & Spotlights, this song has a hint of desperation to the lyrics and when they want to, Sugababes can really bring that out in the vocal.

As you should know by now catchy choruses are my favourite thing in the whole world and ‘About You Now’ has that quality more than any other Sugababes songs. The big “CAN WE BRING” at the start of each chorus is simply amazing. In fact this is my favourite Sugababes song, what with it being flat-out brillaint and then being further elevated by the Spencer & Hill Remix, then the acoustic version. And for any readers joining us from five years ago, this means Sugababes beats Girls Aloud! LOLOLOLYAY!!!

Music video:

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