93. Yoko Ono – ‘Open Your Box’ (1971)

“Open your box
Open your trousers
Open your thighs
Open your legs
Open, open, open”

Written by Yoko Ono

Produced by Yoko Ono

Taken from the album Fly

Also released on Onobox and Open Your Box

Originally released as ‘Hirake’ on the b-side to John Lennon’s ‘Power To The People’ and on the album Fly, ‘Open Your Box’ is a dirge that fits right in with Yoko’s early work, consisting of minimal, repeated lyrics and her trademark scream. She fits right in with the instruments, playing off them and working with them as if she were an instrument herself.

Apart from it’s filthy lyrics, ‘Open Your Box’ was mostly considered unremarkable until 2001, when it was remixed by The Orange Factory. The resulting Club Mix is among the most amazing pieces of music I have ever laid ears on. It’s the pinnacle of dance music, the most euphoric club remix of all time (aside from Darren Hayes’ ‘Step Into The Light’, which we’ve already established is just ahead of this as the greatest remix ever).

Yoko screams and hollers and moans her way through this, every time she has a simulated orgasm, the music intensifies and goes all “spinny”, and just when you think the mix can’t get any more awesome, it ups the ante again and again. Anyone with even a passing interest in dance music needs to listen to ‘Open Your Box’.

Listen here

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