90. Massive Attack & Terry Callier – ‘Live With Me’ (2006)

“By the light of dawn
A midnight blue
Day and night
I’ve been missing you
I’ve been thinking about you baby
Almost makes me crazy
Come and live with me”

Written by Neil Davidge/Robert Del Naja/Terry Callier

Produced by Neil Davidge/Robert Del Naja

Taken from the album Collected

UK #17

Another song I first heard on Video Hits, ‘Live With Me’ was my first taste of Massive Attack beyond ‘Teardrop’, which had been included on a compilation I got when I was eight years old. I was absolutely spellbound by this song and bought Collected the week it came out, eager to discover more about this amazing group. I wasn’t disappointed, but almost nothing on that record tops ‘Live With Me’, which was the token new single. I have never heard a single for a greatest hits album that has so much power and effort behind it, so much raw emotion.

Raw emotion is what ‘Live With Me’ is all about, and it is sung by someone who knew what they were doing, soul singer Terry Callier. From the opening howl to the anguished cry of “I’d give all that I have just to keep you near”, this song is a big tearjerker, a downer moment to say the least. That’s what makes it so amazing, though, it manages to bring you into this pit of absolute despair, it builds a world around you and makes escape seem impossible.

To add to the depressing nature of the song, it was given an alternate video (not the one I saw on Video Hits), where a woman slowly drinks herself into oblivion, eventually passing out on a bench and dreaming of falling down a neverending staircase. Even coming from a group who hadn’t released a note in three years, and who hadn’t been in their critical prime since the previous decade, this disturbing, captivating song still made the top twenty. I used to play it in the bookstore I worked at during 2009, and people would come up to me and say “What on earth is this song?”, needing to know who was capturing their attention. I gladly pointed them in the right direction, introducing new people to the wonder of Massive Attack and ‘Live With Me’.

Music video:

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