Running up that hill (to number one): a few words about the top 100.

901 songs have passed us by, plus 16 new classics, and only 880 were by Madonna, making good on that promise I made about keeping it diverse. Let’s not focus on what has been though (there’ll be plenty of time for that soon enough), let’s look ahead to our final journey, into the realms of the best of the absolute best.

I can’t say many of the coming articles will be lengthy (phew), because sometimes when you love a song this much it’s sort of hard to really articulate why, and saying less really equals saying more. I can promise that I will try my best to tell you why these songs means more to me than any others I’ve heard in my life so far.

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of ten million eager fans of this blog frothing at the mouth for more, more, more, in a phenomenon that puts Twilight, Harry Potter and Beatlemania to shame. So here are some facts you might like to know about the top 100:

– The most popular decade is the nineties, taking up thirty places.

– The most popular year is 2005, with six entries.

– The earliest song in the top 100 is from 1939.

– The most recent song in the top 100 is from 2008.

– The artist with the most entries owns thirteen places, meaning of course that over a tenth of the remaining songs belong to one act.

But, just to prove that this countdown won’t be alternating between the same few artists, the top 100 features eighteen artists who have not been featured on this blog before, making their first appearance in the final stretch.

So in the wise words of B*Witched, let’s go.

2 Responses to “Running up that hill (to number one): a few words about the top 100.”

  1. Nenad Says:

    No need to be sarcastic…🙂
    So OK, maybe you don’t have a million fans or sth, but I love this blog to bits… I’ll even post the link on Facebook right now.
    This is the ultimate pop encyclopedia in my eyes, so you should be proud of yourself. Considering you’re actually my age, this blog is impressive.

    Peace & love from Serbia!

    • multimediac17 Says:

      Aw, this is lovely. Thank you so much! I appreciate it. I want “the ultimate pop encyclopedia” tattooed on my forehead!

      Richard xx

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