103. James Horner – ‘Hymn To The Sea’ (1997)

Taken from the album Titanic: Original Soundtrack

As the final goodbye, the last track on the Titanic soundtrack had a lot of drama and story and life to summarise, and ‘Hymn To The Sea’ is, in my opinion, the definitive musical tribute to the disaster and to the lives lost. In the aftermath of the hugely popular film and all the obsessive love and obsessive hatred it received, it’s easy to forget that the Titanic really happened, people really died and it wasn’t a Hollywood invention. ‘Hymn To The Sea’ is a respectful and beautiful reflection of this (with some Hollywood drama for good measure).

The distinctive sound of the film, the electronic vocals mixed with orchestral strings, is apparent in almost every song on the soundtrack, but nowhere more than ‘Hymn To The Sea’, where a number of instruments take turns in trying to translate into sound the devestating impact of the event. There are no crash-bang moments here like there are on ‘The Sinking’ or ‘Hard To Starboard’, there is just reverence, quiet sadness and at the very end, a slow transition into silence. A moving piece of music indeed.


One Response to “103. James Horner – ‘Hymn To The Sea’ (1997)”

  1. luminousmuse Says:

    You know, I liked that score too. DIdn’t care for what Horner did for Avatar, though. You might be interested in my discussion of it here:


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