139. Darren Hayes – ‘Me, Myself And (I)’ (2007)

“The future echoes with your memory”

Taken from the album This Delicate Thing We’ve Made

UK #59

Darren’s most thrilling and downright incredible uptempo moment, ‘Me, Myself And (I)’ is a perfect pop song, a disco throwback with a freaky falsetto, a dance floor anthem and an electroclash stutterfest. “Electroclash Stutterfest” sounds like a new outdoor music event, and in my mind Darren headlines every year, singing ‘Me, Myself And (I)’ on repeat.

When I bought This Delicate Thing We’ve Made – on release date, of course – I had already heard four songs, ‘Who Would Have Thought?’, ‘On The Verge Of Something Wonderful’, ‘I Just Want You To Love Me’ and ‘Step Into The Light’. ‘Me, Myself And (I)’ was the most immediate of all the songs I had yet to hear, in fact I remember thinking it was the most commercial thing Darren had yet recorded solo – which isn’t quite true. I also thought it would be number one for years on end, an honour it was denied through poor promotion and sheer lack of record company power. But amongst those in the know, ‘Me, Myself And (I)’ is an absolute classic.

The song was given an amazing video and a great CD single with stunning Kraftwerk influences, but was of course ignored by radio and did not chart in Australia, despite being much better than previous single ‘On The Verge…’ (which was still quite good). Industry politics aside, the fact of the matter is that ‘Me, Myself And (I)’ is almost the best song on This Delicate Thing We’ve Made and one of the most euphoric dance singles I’ve ever heard.

Music video:

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