138. Yoko Ono – ‘Revelations’ (1995)

“Bless you for your anger
It’s a sign of rising energy
Bless you for your sorrow
It’s a sign of vulnerability
Bless you for your greed
It’s a sign of great capacity
Bless you for your jealousy
It’s a sign of empathy
Bless you for your fear
It’s a sign of wisdom
Bless you for your search for direction
Bless you for the times you feel no love
Open your heart to life anyway
In time you’ll find love in you”

Taken from the album Rising

Also released on Yes, I’m A Witch

If you were to ask me, “Richard, if you could get one extended verse of a song tattooed on your forehead for the rest of your life, which verse would it be?”, I would answer with that verse quoted there. Some of the most perfect, most life-affirming, most inspiring words you will ever read. That verse is justification enough for Yoko Ono and for pop and for the concept of music to exist. I really do quite like this song, I have to say.

‘Revelations’ originated as ‘Rainbow Revelation’ on 1985’s Starpeace and was then revamped with the shortened title a decade later on Rising. That 1995 version is amazing, and would easily have made this list, but 2007’s further remix, featuring Cat Power on additional vocals, is the definitive version. From the mix album Yes, I’m A Witch, the production strips the song to it’s basic elements, and focuses quite rightly on the lyrics-to-end-all-lyrics.

The song is about finding positive in negative energy, about peace within yourself, about accepting all of your bad characteristics and turning the darkness into light. Yoko is the spiritual mother of the Earth, and here she passes down her wisdom to all her children. You know that Jacksons video for ‘Can You Feel It?’, where the brothers deliver sparkling light or whatever to the people of the world? This is the same sort of concept. Except without the ego. Or Tito.

“Evil feeds on your support
Feed not, and it will self-destruct
Shed light and it will cease to be”

It doesn’t get much simpler, or more beautiful, than that.

2007 version audio:

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