134. Sugababes – ‘Run For Cover’ (2000)

“It doesn’t really matter
Sometimes we run for cover
I’m always on the outside”

Taken from the album One Touch

Also released on Overloaded: The Singles Collection

UK #13, AUS #36

I still find it so hard to believe that the girls singing and writing this song were only about 15 or 16 when it was released. ‘Run For Cover’ is a song that would still be impressive from a writer three times that age, and yet they were putting out songs like this – in fact a whole album of them – and acting like it was no big thing. The harmony, the emotion and the feeling behind ‘Run For Cover’ is a wonder to behold for an act of any age.

Although she has no solo vocals, apparently Siobhan Donaghy wrote most of the lyrics for ‘Run For Cover’, and it shows. The song sounds like the music she would explore on Revolution In Me and Ghosts, except with that special spark she’s never quite been able to recapture, and won’t ever again until Mutya and Keisha reunite with her. Their three voices come together to express ideas and concepts that any further incarnations of the Sugababes have never been able to portray as effectively. There is something about the video that adds to this atmosphere too, that element of unrest within the misunderstood youth.

I beg of you to listen to the acoustic Radio One version of ‘Run For Cover’, which I believe was released on the ‘Soul Sound’ single. It runs for just three minutes but in that short time the voices of the three Sugababes take us on a journey, seperate and together, within and without each other. If Sugababes had broken up after Siobhan left in 2001, this performance would be a key reason to remember them. It’s a reason to keep the first line-up close to your hearts – even with all the great songs that would come with 2.0 and 3.0, there was something very special about ‘Run For Cover’ and these three voices.

Music video:

Radio One acoustic version:

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