150. Michael Jackson featuring The Notorious B.I.G. – ‘Unbreakable’ (2001)

“Now you can’t stop me
Even though you think
That if you block me
You’ve done your thing
And when you bury me
Underneath all your pain
I’m steady laughing
While surfacing”

Taken from the album Invincible

Also released on The Ultimate Collection

One of the problems with Invincible was that it peaked too soon. The opening song, ‘Unbreakable’, is also the best track on the whole record. It is still a great album but it’s all downhill from here. Along with ‘You Rock My World’, ‘Unbreakable’ was also one of the only songs there that could easily stand up with his other classics, and saw Michael at his powerful, threatening best.

Michael was so good at messages to tha haterz – see also ‘D.S.’, ‘Scream’, ‘They Don’t Care About Us’, ‘Ghosts’… well anything released after 1993. It is so amazing to hear him at full vocal strength singing lines like “You can’t touch me, because I’m untouchable” and “You’ll never break me”. The Notorious B.I.G. rises from the dead to contribute a (sampled) verse that greatly complements his contribution to ‘This Time Around’ back in 1995.

This also boasts ridiculously good production and SLAMMING beats, which are perfect for Michael to grunt and scream over. I wish this had been a single so we could have seen an amazing dance routine – Michael never even performed this live. An absolute missed opportunity, and many agreed that ‘Unbreakable’ should have been the lead single for Invincible. We don’t need to go into how much of a fuck-up the album promotion was, and now all that matters is the quality. It may be a patchy record but ‘Unbreakable’ is a masterpiece.


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