145. Scissor Sisters – ‘Filthy/Gorgeous’ (2004)

“You gotta work for the man
But your biggest moneymaker’s flaccid”

Taken from the album Scissor Sisters

UK #5, AUS #29

From charity singles to slut anthems, don’t ever tell me this list isn’t diverse. I wanted to buy the ‘Filthy/Gorgeous’ single when it came out but my mother wouldn’t let me buy a single with THAT cover art, and I didn’t have any money of my own. I did, however, eventually buy the album and was introduced fully to the wonders of the Scissor Sisters. Everything came full circle three years later when I saw them perform this song live, and danced like an idiot while all the borings around me just stood there.

This is not coincidentally my very favourite Scissor Sisters song, and clearly the best representation of their style. ‘Filthy/Gorgeous’ transports you to the middle of a dirty club no matter where you are, and everyone has their hands in the air while you grind around like damn you’s a sexy bitch. You’re disgusting, ooh, and you’re nasty, and it’s fabulous.

Jake Shears’ no-testicles-whatsoever (in a good way) falsetto contrasts well with Ana Matronic’s deep commands to “RUB IT”, while a relentless dance beat bangs away in the background. This song has no morals to speak of, no hidden message, unless that message is to DANCE DANCE DANCE, YOWSAH YOWSAH YOWSAH. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

PS Does anybody else want to live in the club portrayed in the video?

Music video:

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