166. Elvis Presley – ‘Suspicious Minds’ (1969)

“Because I love you too much baby”

Taken from the album The King

US #1, AUS #1, UK #2

Ah, my favourite Elvis Presley song. A classic love song and his final US number one, ‘Suspicious Minds’ is a slightly country soft rock number that builds and builds on it’s catchy hooks and shows off Elvis’ vocals. Though he didn’t write this, it proves why so many people were obsessed with his voice – he goes through a kaliedoscope of emotions, rolling along with the music, at once passionate and effortless.

‘Suspicious Minds’ is odd in that it doesn’t stick to a regular song structure, and that the title appears occasionally in the verses, not the chorus. It also has a false fade-out, as if the song was so good that it couldn’t handle leaving once, coming back for an immediate encore, a victory lap. The song has wonderfully sixties backing vocals that sound almost haunting when you really listen to them, in a high register to complement Elvis’ trademark low drawl.

More often than not Elvis songs don’t really connect with me, but there are probably twenty or so that really do, and ‘Suspicious Minds’ is the best I’ve ever heard. All the elements come together, it bridges his balladry and his rock and roll, it showcases why so many call him the king of rock and roll.

Music video:

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