164. Kate Bush – ‘Moments Of Pleasure’ (1993)

“I think about us lying
Lying on a beach somewhere
I think about us dreaming
Diving off a rock, into another moment”

Taken from the album The Red Shoes

UK #26

Now I’m only nineteen, and while I wouldn’t say I’ve lived a sheltered life, it’s not like I could quite write a best-selling autobiography, if you know what I mean. Still, there are “moments of pleasure” I can think of in my life (I don’t mean like that, get your mind out of the gutter). Kate Bush, in her mid-thirties at the time of this song’s release, took time to look back at her own and gave us this majestic ballad.

A tale of reflection, a love song and a memorial, ‘Moments Of Pleasure’ is far and away the best song on the scattered, misunderstood The Red Shoes. It was perhaps the most loved because it bridged old Kate with the new Kate. The piano-and-vocal style from her first few records was back, but with the more restrained and beautiful vocals from her newer recordings. It was produced well and sung note perfect.

There are many sad moments in Kate Bush songs, but one of the most heartbreaking has to be when Kate sings a message to various people at the end of this song, remembering the characteristics of people she’s lost over the years, including her lighting director Bill Duffield, who was killed during her 1979 Tour Of Life (he is all the title character from 1980’s ‘Blow Away (For Bill)’). Mixed with Kate’s self-depreciating tendencies (“This sense of humour of mine… it isn’t funny at all”), ‘Moments Of Pleasure’ strikes a wonderful balance between wistful, happy nostalgia and tear-jerking lament.

Music video:

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