177. Girls Aloud – ‘Sexy! No No No…’ (2007)

“Boy did you ever think that loving
Would be nothing more than walking me home?”

Taken from the album Tangled Up

UK #5

So this is the song that introduced me to Girls Aloud. We’re used to the sound of ‘Sexy! No No No…’ now but when it came out it just sounded ridiculous – in a good way. The complete opposite of the previous song on this list, this track is made up of seemingly everything the producers could find. No second is wasted, no moment is spared. ‘Sexy! No No No…’ is an odd, noisy symphony.

Cheryl’s robo-vocal opening is still exciting to this day, but the big thrill comes when the song explodes out of the intro and into that beat, that frantic chorus, and everything seems to go into overdrive. “DID YOU TELL HIM? NO NO NO GIVE HIM KISSES? NO NO NO” the girls sing/yell, variations of which appear throughout the song. There are verses and choruses here but nothing seems to fit into a normal song structure. It rapidly flicks and switches from lines like “From top to bottom I’m a woman sunshine” to a cowboy yell of “hell YEAH”.

After ‘Sexy! No No No…’ and ‘Call The Shots’ caught my ear, I bought Sound Of The Underground and Chemistry, to date the only Girls Aloud albums released in Australia. They bored me to tears at first, I must say, and mostly still do today. My love affair with the group wouldn’t restart until the debut of ‘The Promise’ in 2008, but I’ll never forget the rush of excitement ‘Sexy! No No No…’ gave me and countless others around the world.

Music video:

4 Responses to “177. Girls Aloud – ‘Sexy! No No No…’ (2007)”

  1. Mihkel Says:

    The live version with a ridiculously long intro from the Tangled Up tour was even better than the single version:

    (still not as good as Biology opening Chemistry tour OBVIOUSLY)

    How did you come across The Aloud anyway?

    I hope when and if they return this autumn, they’ll come back with a single+tour only with an album delayed until October 2011.

    • multimediac17 Says:

      I first came across them back when ‘Sound Of The Underground’ was released because they actually bothered to release that here, apart from that I never took much notice of them until I joined the Popjustice forums, where of course they are treated as queens of the universe.

      Imagine if becuase of Cheryl’s success, the group became successful over here… meaning they might tour here. I would die.

  2. apn Says:

    “My love affair with the group wouldn’t restart until the debut of ‘The Promise’ in 2008”


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