175. Missy Elliott – ‘Pass That Dutch’ (2003)

“If you’s a fat one
Put your clothes back on
Before you start putting pot holes in my lawn”

Taken from the album This Is Not A Test!

Also released on Respect M.E.

UK #10, AUS #26, US #27

There are certain moments in song, where bass is so deep, that you feel as though the ground may open up at at any time, lava will come flowing out, and you’ll fall to your wonderful, bass-induced death. ‘Pass That Dutch’ is one of those songs. It has one of the best intros for any song ever, with Missy warning us all through a megaphone about a virus sweeping through clubs, ending with “run for cover motherfuckers”.

Then that famous riff enters, which could carry the song alone, but Missy’s expert raps and catchy hooks make this simply one of the greatest party songs ever to hit a dance floor. Filled to the brim with classic Missy Elliott lines (“I can take your man I don’t have to sex ’em/Hang ’em out the window call me Michael Jackson HEE!”) and is among the very best Timbaland productions.

‘Pass That Dutch’ wasn’t a huge hit when it was first released – too weird perhaps – but it has gained quite a cult fanbase, not only among rap fans, but clubgoers, people who watched Mean Girls, people who just like quality hip-hop. History will see it as one of the most famous and well-remembered Missy Elliott singles, and rightfully so, although it was unfairly overlooked at time of release.

Music video:

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