171. Celine Dion – ‘A New Day Has Come’ (2002)

“I see a light in the sky”

Taken from the album A New Day Has Come

Also released on Complete Best, Ultimate Box and My Love: Ultimate Essential Collection

UK #7, AUS #19, US #22

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and then some), I could not care less how cheesy Celine Dion and her songs are, I’ll still love them forever. The other day I watched her documentary film Through The Eyes Of The World, and decided that there is not a human being on earth nicer than Celine. Can you think of anyone? No you can’t. Whoever you’ve thought of, did they also sing beautiful songs like ‘A New Day Has Come’? No.

Between 1998’s These Are Special Times and 2002’s A New Day Has Come, Celine had her son, which provided the inspiration for this song. Although she didn’t write the lyrics, this is clearly very personal. This emotional, dramatic ballad is uplifting, like spiritual music that has nothing to do with religion, unless you count love as a religion. Filled with Biblical-sounding references and cinematic flourishes, it is a truly gorgeous listening experience.

There are three versions of ‘A New Day Has Come’ that stand out for me, each highlighting one of the strengths of the track. The album version, a minimalist, piano-based ballad, shows off Celine’s voice and allows the lyrics to be explored more thoroughly. The radio remix – which also appears on the album – was the hit single, playing up the catchy, radio-friendly elements of the track. It is probably the defining version, although that changes depending on the day. For the third version you can choose any of the dance remixes, which turn this from uplifting ballad to dance floor stomper, transplanting all the “touched by an angel” stuff right into a big sweaty club. ‘A New Day Has Come’ has beauty and power in it no matter what incarnation, and in my mind, it’s just perfect.

Music video:

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