188. Eminem – ‘Kim’ (2000)

“How the fuck could you do this to me?”

Taken from the album The Marshall Mathers LP

I really can’t listen to this too often. It’s so intense, possibly the most intense, frightening song in my entire music collection. Beginning with a simple music box melody, Eminem watches over his daughter. Suddenly, he switches into a rage, yelling at his wife Kim, alternating between his own violent scream and Kim’s scared voice. The result is unsettling, disturbing, horrifying, and completely and utterly brilliant.

It is difficult to truly convey the tone of Eminem’s voice on this record, but the change between the heavy verses and the sing-song chorus of “So long, bitch you did me so wrong”, is creepy and effective. Echoing ‘Stan’ from the same album, in his enraged state Eminem leaves his daughter behind and takes Kim away in his car after an argument about her cheating. His stream of consciousness touches on nightmarish fantasies, screaming that Kim thinks he’s ugly, screaming at other motorists, asking if Kim loves him, and telling her that he hates her. He ends this section with an anguished cry of “How the fuck could you do this to me?” It is possibly the most revealing verse of his entire career.

In the third verse Eminem drags Kim from the car by her hair, talking to himself and reminiscing about old times in a psychotic tone. As Kim tries to run, he chases after her. As she screams, he screams too, to demonstrate that nobody can hear them.

“You were supposed to love me
Now bleed, bitch, bleed
Bleed, bitch, bleed

The final bleed is where it all reaches a peak of anger, rage and terror. One more sing-song chorus, a violin outro, and Kim is gone. A masterpiece, a horror film, a nightmare – ‘Kim’ is an untouchable triumph in every way.


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