196. Enya – ‘Book Of Days’ (1992)

“Find a new earth across a wide ocean”

Taken from the album Shepherd Moons

Also released on Far And Away: Original Soundtrack, Paint The Sky With Stars: The Best Of Enya and The Very Best Of Enya

UK #10

You all know how much I loved the music from Titanic, and rather obviously when you listen to it you realise how much inspiration they took from Enya. There’s an early trailer for Titanic included on the box-set edition DVD that includes ‘Book Of Days’ as music for the trailer, and it works brilliantly. ‘Book Of Days’ has that grand, cinematic feel that fits that atmopshere perfectly.

Enya is so rarely about the lyrics, she’s all about melody, and ‘Book Of Days’ has a stronger melody than nearly all of her songs. This track is the feeling of freedom, of happiness, of being on holiday and having not a care in the world. If you’ve ever been on a cruise and you look out over the ocean, that’s what this feels like. If you’ve ever been on a ship in the early 20th century and some guy makes you close your eyes so he can simulate the feeling of flying at the end of the vessel, that’s what this feels like. Make sure you stay near the lifeboats on the night of the 14th, though.

I said she’s not about lyrics but this song actually does quite well in that department. As usual you can’t half hear really what she’s saying but certain lines stand out as particularly beautiful and charismatic: “This day ends together”, “No day, no night, no moment can hold me back from trying” – Roma Ryan, who writes all of Enya’s lyrics, is truly blessed with the ability to create a whole world to escape into. ‘Book Of Days’ takes you further into that world that any other Enya song.


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