202. Sugababes – ‘Push The Button’ (2005)

“My sexy ass has got him in a new dimension”

Taken from the album Taller In More Ways

UK #1, AUS #3

Can we talk about the beat of ‘Push The Button’ for a minute? I could rewind it every time it starts and just listen to that beat coming in over and over again. Fuck the rest of the song, that is really where it’s at, that first few seconds. It’s a nice touch that everything else about the song – writing, chorus, vocals, video, Mutya’s sexy ass – gets me in a new dimension.

‘Push The Button’ is the hottest Sugababes song, each of the girls exude sexuality in a way ‘Get Sexy’ would kill to be able to harness. Apart from that slinky, intense beat, Keisha, Mutya and Heidi take turns finding out just which one of them can be the most alluring, and the answer is: it’s a tie. The song is lyrically wonderful, a standard club song with a creative edge, infuriatingly catchy and fun to dance to. It’s perfect.

The video is one of my favourites, and the group are not known for their great videos so it was a nice surprise. I only got the button/elevator connection a few months ago, so maybe they should have made that a bit more obvious for dimwits like me, but something that wasn’t at all subtle was the message: these girls are hot, they’re in control, they enjoy the company of men, and they’re gonna sing in an elevator about it. Spoiler alert: this isn’t the best Sugababes song, but it’s the best song by Sugababes 2.0.

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