199. Robyn – ‘Be Mine!’ (2005)

“It’s a good thing tears never show in the pouring rain”

Taken from the album Robyn

UK #10

Well, this is soul crushing. As evidenced by ‘With Every Heartbeat’, Robyn does vulnerable and tear-jerking like no other alternative-pop (or whatever) artist. ‘Be Mine!’ is about someone Robyn loved but has moved on without her, and climaxes with this heartbreaking line: “You never were and you never will be mine”. If this song doesn’t put a lump in your throat then YOU HAVE NO THROAT AT ALL.

‘Be Mine!’ jumps along at mid-tempo, driven along by Robyn’s empassioned performance and lyrics that evoke her helpless, desperate nature within the song. It’s not at all an uplifting track, and that is highlighted especially by the piano-and-vocal version from Robyn’s Cherrytree Sessions digital EP. This stunning rendition really brings out the emotional heart of the lyrics, simplistic and devestating.

On the other hand, the Soul Seekerz radio edit turns ‘Be Mine!’ into a huge dance floor anthem, which involves I’m assuming a lot of crying at the discotheque. The song works just as well as a club track as it does stripped completely, and I think that’s a pretty good measure of a truly great song. Robyn’s international comeback was a triumph for many reasons, and ‘Be Mine!’ is one of the most important factors of her resurrection.

Music video:

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