198. Dannii Minogue – ‘Put The Needle On It’ (2002)

“So hot I may want to take my clothes off”

Taken from the album Neon Nights

Also released on The Hits & Beyond

UK #7, AUS #11

The best song Dannii Minogue ever did was also the lead-in for her album Neon Nights, which would go on to be her most successful era. ‘Put The Needle On It’ was edgy retro disco, complete with a thumping dance beat and a breathy, hot vocal to go over the top of it. Expanding on her previous success with ‘Who Do You Love Now?’ from 2001, Dannii entrenched herself in dance music, and it paid off, becoming her fifth UK club number one and her fourth Gold single in Australia.

Like a lot of songs ‘Put The Needle On It’ makes a metaphorical connection between music and sex, and coincidentally this music sounds like sex. An orgasmic rush of beats and moaning, this song is simple production-wise but layered and interesting, made all the more enjoyable by Dannii’s camp vocal peformance. When she says “Dirty hands… I demand”, well, it might be the best two seconds of her entire career. That and the computer voice at the end.

Dannii certainly has had a tumultuous career and this is the absolute highlight – she belongs in dance music, this is where she belongs, and I think that became apparent with ‘Put The Needle On It’. She shines here like never before, owning the song, taking control of it and becoming her own identity, something she hadn’t previous been able to establish. It also just sounds really great on the radio and is a lot of fun to dance to.

Music video:

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