214. Darren Hayes – ‘The Future Holds A Lion’s Heart’ (2007)

“When I left the warm surroundings
Of my selfish, difficult stage
When our eyes first met there was deja vu
And I feeling I could not shake
When gravity seduced me
And drew me to this place
I could swear we were together
In an entirely different age”

Taken from the album This Delicate Thing We’ve Made

Dramatic, silly and very enjoyable, much like Darren himself, ‘The Future Holds A Lion’s Heart’ was the opening track on the second disc of This Delicate Thing We’ve Made and also the first song on the Time Machine Tour. It is a giddy rush of an opening, packing all the theatrics and exaggerations it’s possible to shove into a pop song, referencing time travel, Oscar Wilde, and Kate Bush, just for starters.

From what I can gather ‘The Future Holds A Lion’s Heart’ is a loose adaptation of The Picture Of Dorian Gray, with elements of moving out of depression and using time travel as a metaphor for that, steampunk style and science fiction. The beat pulsates and drives the song forward, assaulting the listener and forcing them to take notice, much like a good album or concert opener should do. Darren sings in a slightly high pitched theatre voice, asking us to “Say hello to your lion’s heart” and then proclaiming that “Queen Victoria’s England will never ever be the same”, before yelling “Giddy up!” – the song is basically mad.

The most revealing part of this song is this verse:

“So wonderfully good looking, with fine and delicate lines
If I place this face in carbon freeze
It will never be affected by time
She said don’t confuse your beauty
With the insolence of youth
You can move through time in one direction
Sad but it’s the truth”

That encapsulates recurring themes throughout the album, perhaps not summarised anywhere else more effectively than they are there. The only way to truly get what I’m talking about is to listen to the song yourself, be taken in by this strange world Darren created, explore it’s relation to your own thoughts and your reaction to his. It’s a record that consumes you, and ‘The Future Holds A Lion’s Heart’ is one of a few emotional high points.

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