219. Gorillaz – ‘DARE’ (2005)

“Jump back and forth
And feel like you were there yourself”

Taken from the album Demon Days

UK #1, AUS #11, US #87

Let us all pause for a minute and behold the first few seconds ‘DARE’: the repetition of ‘It’s coming up’, with the ascending sounds behind it, then a slight pause for “It’s DARE” and then the beat kicks in, that squelchy, joyous, unbelievable groove. That moment is enough to ensure a place in this list.

‘DARE’ is lyrically repetitive and hard to decipher vocally, so words don’t really come into it when I try to explain what makes it so good. While trying to find a suitable lyric to quote above, none of it really made that much sense because it’s all part of a greater symphony. It’s all about the music and the sounds, the atmosphere, that beat. Shaun Ryder from Happy Mondays provides vocals, but because his are so muffled as well (what does he say? “Got a techno farm?” “Got a dick no arms?”) he too becomes one with the instrumental.

Clearly it wasn’t important to know what is being said – ‘DARE’ was so incredibly catchy, and was coupled with such a great video, that it was a UK number one and becoming the third Gorillaz single to chart in the US. Also, apart from the success of ‘Feel Good Inc.’, it’s their biggest in Australia too. And rightfully so – it’s the best thing the cartoon band have ever done, and it has that beat that I can’t get over – plus it’s fun to do robot dancing to.

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