229. Pet Shop Boys – ‘Domino Dancing’ (1988)

“I don’t know why, I don’t know how
I thought I loved you but I’m not sure now
I hear the thunder crashing, the sky is dark
And now a storm is breaking within my heart”

Taken from the album Introspective

UK #7, US #18, AUS #36

‘Domino Dancing’ lays claim to not one but two of the catchiest little hooks in all of pop history: “all day, all day” and then that keyboard riff that runs through the song. The eight minute album version from Introspective is absolute bliss because it means we get exposed to these hooks for even longer than usual. ‘Domino Dancing’ is how you match melodramatic lyrics with music so catchy you’ve got no idea you’re listening to an anguished plea from a jealous lover.

The subject of ‘Domino Dancing’ is an incredibly attractive woman, and the song is her boyfriend’s annoyance at the fact that everywhere she goes she “turns every head”. The song is lyrically uncomplicated, with a heavy Latin feel to the instruments and some amazing background drums that only stand out once you really listen to the song, and after that it would be unimaginable without them.

A slight commercial disappointment, ‘Domino Dancing’ has nonetheless remained a live favourite, and the video ensured it’s legacy. With a lot of beautiful people fighting over each other, it was effortlessly stylish and a little bit homoerotic, a perfect compliment to the lyrics and the duo’s newfound sense of Latin rhythm. This is the best song on Introspective.

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