244. Pink Floyd – ‘Another Brick In The Wall Part II’ (1979)

“Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone!”

Taken from the album The Wall

UK #1, US #1, AUS #1

The start of this song is so invigorating, it’s like a vitamin. A vitamin made of ecstasy. The groove behind this is just ridiculous, like the greatest disco song in the world remixed to go stupidly fast and then put in slow motion, through some sort of dreamlike filter. I don’t know if all that makes sense, but the point is, this song is amazing.

From that noise at the start that sounds like a sound effect of a seagull attacking someone, to “HOW CAN YOU HAVE ANY PUDDING IF YE DON’T EAT YER MEAT?” at the end, everything about this song is unbelievably weird yet makes complete sense. The school choir singing the refrain of “We don’t need no education” is so iconic and feels so important, even if I couldn’t tell you why it’s so cool. It’s not a case of “down with homework”, it feels more… sinister. Like part of an underground movement.

Taken with ‘Comfortably Numb’, the other big song from The Wall, ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ really feels like part of an explosion of creative energy, captured especially on those two classics. A massive worldwide hit, in many countries their only top ten single, this will forever be a classic anti-authority track, with the added bonus of being a bit of a headfuck set to a disco loop.

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