475. Janet Jackson – ‘All Nite (Don’t Stop)’ (2004)

“This rhythm just makes me high”

Taken from the album Damita Jo

UK #19, AUS #24

Well would you look at that, this wasn’t such a huge flop after all. Considering ‘Feedback’ made little impact in the UK and Australia, ‘All Nite’ looks like a smash hit by comparison! Coming after the non-event that was ‘Just A Little While’ and shunned in America due to Janet being a Betty Boobsalot, ‘All Nite’ was basically DOA commercially but is by far the best song on Damita Jo and one of the best Janet Jackson singles since it all went pear-shaped albums-wise at All For You.

“This is sick” Janet whispers at the start, signalling for the shaky, infectious beat to launch itself. The beat snakes it’s way around the barely-there vocals with occasional kick just for the chorus. “Drop it like ya droppin’ a blow, work it like ya working a whale, pop it like ya poppin’ a coke” – it really doesn’t matter what Janet is mumbling, the music is the most important thing about ‘All Nite’. It was seemingly created with the sole purpose of accompanying awesome choreography.

Which it did, unsurprisingly, in the video. As always, Janet’s group of video friends are there. Wherever she is, no matter what song, Janet is always surrounded by hot young dancing people. They make you think “wow, I wish I had hot dancer friends that I could dance in a warehouse with instead of sitting here writing this blog”, but more importantly the actual dancing is world class, and Janet can still kick it at 90 or however old she was when ‘All Nite’ came out. Coupled with ‘R&B Junkie’, they are the only two songs I still play from Damita Jo, an album that sucked but which gave us a forgotten dance classic.

One Response to “475. Janet Jackson – ‘All Nite (Don’t Stop)’ (2004)”

  1. ioftthev Says:

    No LaToya?😦

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